Strategic Pillar #5

Internationalization: Bridging Rutgers University in Camden and the World

As part of a global academic community and world, we will understand and assert our place in bridging international divides to afford collaborative global connections for stakeholders. Thus, internationalism is a north star and a priority for our future. 

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Improve international recruitment and admissions operations

  • Restructure international admissions. International recruitment should be a central point of the institution and serve as a dedicated unit that focuses on attracting global talent.
  • Increase global visibility and raise brand awareness. The next step for Rutgers–Camden is to work directly with the agencies identified through our international student recruitment partner, Shorelight.
  • Enhance international admissions marketing development by creating a print and dynamic digital asset for promotion. Review of all email campaign content. Develop a separate communication track specific to international inquirers and applicants.
  • Strengthen international partnerships with select U.S. secondary schools, community colleges, and foreign institutions (language centers, academies, universities).

Elevate and expand international academic collaboration

  • Expand international student experiential learning opportunities at all levels.
  • Encourage and incentivize international research opportunities for graduate and professional students.
  • Monitor and document existing international partnerships and solid unit-level programs and expertise. Develop processes to track faculty-led international programs, research, relationships, and work-related travel.
  • Offer faculty development opportunities specific to internationalization (e.g., workshops, informational sessions, funding to encourage internationalization activity, etc.).
  • Provide campus-level support for international grant identification, proposal writing, logistics, and networking.

Strategically focus on select global regions and countries

  • Target institutions within strategic regions to develop mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Utilize the expertise and relationships of Rutgers Global and Rutgers University–Camden faculty, staff, and administrators to seek opportunities for recruitment, research, civic engagement, and student/faculty exchanges in identified countries of interest.
  • Participate in the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) Virtual Education and EducationUSA fairs.

Promote international experiential learning opportunities

  • Target international partners to develop experiential learning opportunities for students.
  • Incentivize faculty to develop courses with short-term, international experiential learning opportunities for students.

Coordinate effort and investment

  • Develop an internal organizational structure with the appropriate staffing and budgetary resources.

Future Strategic Planning

At the conclusion of the five-year course of this plan, an evaluation of each pillar will be undertaken to gauge overall progress and future strategic planning.