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The following benchmarks have been established for graduation rates, retention, student enrollment, sponsored awards, and research expenditures. Thus, we endeavor to focus on the following increases over the next five years:

FTIC 6-Year Graduation Rate: From 61.4% to 65%

Pell Eligible 6-Year Graduation Rate: From 69% to 75%

First-Year Retention Rate: From 78.7% to 82%

Sponsored Awards: From $21 M to $34 M


Overall Student Enrollment: From 5784 to 6334

(average of 110 students annually)


FTIC Enrollment: From 584 to 734

(average of 30 students annually)


Transfer Student Enrollment: From 509 to 708

(average of 20 students annually)


Graduate Student Enrollment: From 1,856 to 2,100

(average of 40 students annually)


International Student Enrollment: From 264 to 548

(average of 20 students annually)