Strategic Pillar #2

Transformative Student Success: Preparing the Next Generation of Compassionate Leaders

Rutgers University–Camden is committed to providing transformational experiences for students that center on developing a strong foundation for success, belonging, and career readiness.

students smiling

Develop a strong foundation for success

  • Create a sense of belonging through culturally competent activities beginning at admission and continuing throughout the college experience.
  • Create processes to identify new students with specific areas of need and develop appropriate services to support them.
  • Expand summer bridge to increase modalities of programs to meet student needs.
  • Establish a strategy to inform families and supporters of first-generation students about the collegiate experience: “It Takes a Village.”

Empower students to achieve academic and professional goals

  • Develop a peer mentoring program for first-year students.
  • Establish a process to pair faculty/staff for mentoring program beyond the first year.

Partner with local business enterprises, nonprofits, and government agencies

  • Develop a system to inventory current partnerships with businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and other regional employers/partners to increase opportunities for student internships.
  • Increase academic research opportunities for students with professors and research partners.

Expand career readiness

  • Provide a means for students to develop a professional portfolio.
  • Develop an academic program-specific vision for experiential and skill-based learning within each major, including increased opportunities for national and international study abroad and service-learning programs.