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Study Away

The Rutgers–Camden Study Away program connects students to on-the-ground experiences through course-based travel, within the United States and U.S. territories. Study Away is the domestic version of Learning Abroad. Each Study Away experience takes place within a course, which meets on campus semi-regularly throughout the term. Because Study Away travel is domestic, student costs tend to be affordable and do not require a passport.

Get Educated

Take a course that combines transformative classroom learning with an on-the-ground travel experience.

Complete Gen-Eds

Study Away courses tagged “XPL” means they will meet your General Education Cross-Cutting Requirement.

Affordable and Accessible

Study Away courses can be covered through financial aid, tend to come at lower cost than international experiences, and do not require a passport.

Variety of Experiences and Majors

Study away courses run in a variety of majors and involve different types of on-the-ground activities, such as civic engagement, outdoor exploration, research, intercultural learning, and many more.