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Faculty Achievement

Powering the Rutgers University–Camden experience: Scholars who enjoy international reputations and deliver inspirational educations

Defining Research

Widely published and respected, our faculty's work defines Rutgers University–Camden as a premier research university. The transfer of this knowledge imparts our students with a highly competitive advantage and educates individuals around the world.

Faculty Awards & Honors

Our faculty are consistently awarded for their achievements in teaching, research, and service.

Faculty Highlights

Rutgers–Camden faculty are some of the best in their fields, creating new knowledge and sharing it both in and out of the classroom.  

Recent Faculty Books

Explore some of the recent published works of our distinguished faculty.

Chancellor’s New Faculty Research Symposium

Each year, the Chancellor’s New Faculty Research Symposium provides a venue to highlight the work of a number of newer faculty members. 

Rutgers–Camden Awards for Teaching, Research, and Service

The following awards are just a few examples of how Rutgers–Camden honors its professors for their achievements in teaching, research, and service.

    • 2022: Courtenay Cavanaugh, psychology; Joan Maya Mazelis, sociology; Ethan Kinory, accounting; Jamille Nagtalon-Ramos, nursing; Travis DuBose, english; Jamie Dunaev, psychology
    • 2021: Sylvia Perez-Cortes, Spanish; Erin Robinson, public policy; Jacob Russell, law; Daniel Semenza, criminal justice
    • 2020: Nancy Cresse, nursing; David Dwertmann, management; Michael Hayes, public policy; Ellen Ledoux, English
    • 2019: Melanie Bowers, political science; Angela Kelly, nursing; Kathryn Kovacs, law; David Pedersen, finance; Paul More Jr., mathematics
    • 2018: Kate Cairns, childhood studies; Victoria Chase, law; Shauna Shames, political science; Chester Spell, management
    • 2017: Kristin August, psychology; Prospero Garcia, Spanish; Pam Jenoff, law; Robert Scoloveno, nursing
    • 2016: Cynthia Ayres, nursing; Oscar Holmes IV, management; Kwangwon Lee, biology
    • 2015: Sarah Allred, psychology; Margaret Avallone, nursing; Jason Cohen, law; Ivo Jansen, accounting; Melissa Yates, philosophy
    • 2014: Janice Beitz, nursing; Rakesh Sambharya, management; Sunil Shende, computer science; Carol Wallinger, law
    • 2013: Richard Epstein, English; John Lore, law; Benedetto Piccoli, mathematics
    • 2012: Ira Roseman, psychology; Allan Stein, law; Patricia Suplee, nursing
    • 2011: Holly Blackford, English; Christopher Fitter, English; Kimberly Mutcherson, law
    • 2010: Allan Espiritu, art; Kimberly Ferzan, law; Richard Michelfelder, finance
    • 2009: Charlotte Markey, psychology; Sarah Ricks, law; Robert Schindler, marketing
    • 2008: Ana Laguna, Spanish; Naomi Marmorstein, psychology; Maureen Morrin, marketing
    • 2007: William Tucker, psychology
    • 2006: Mary Bravo, psychology; Rajiv Gandhi, computer science; Ruth Anne Robbins, law
    • 2005: Luis Garcia, psychology; John Wall, religion; Lisa Zeidner, English
    • 2004: Sally Goldfarb, law; Tyler Hoffman, English
    • 2003: John Broussard, finance; M.A. Rafey Habib, English; Joseph Schiavo, music
    • 2002: Alex Roche, chemistry; Julie Ruth, marketing; Allen Woll, history
    • 2001: Stuart Charme, religion; Josephine Johansen, mathematics; Geoffrey Sill, English
    • 2000: Georgia Arbuckle-Keil, chemistry; Mary Greipp, nursing; Jon’a Meyer, criminal justice
    • 1999: Swaminathan Badrinath, management; Jay Feinman, law; Richard Harris, political science
    • 1998: Alok Baveja, management; Barbara Bickart, marketing; Timothy Martin, English
    • 1997: E. Roger Cowley, physics; Mamnoon Jamil, management; Gayle Porter, management
    • 1996: Robert Evans, biology; Carol Singley, English; Robert Wood, sociology
    • 1995: Marie Cornelia, English; Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, marketing; Alan Tarr, political science
    • 1994: Richard Hyland, law; Hsin-Yi Lee, biology; Briance Mascarenhas, management
    • 1993: Kimberly Adams, English; Wilbert Jerome, music; Samuel Rabinowitz, management
  • Provided by the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation of Philadelphia, the award honors outstanding teachers at colleges and universities across southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.

    • 2022: Chester Spell, management
    • 2021: Margaret Avallone, nursing
    • 2020: John Oberdiek, law
    • 2019: Rakesh Sambharya, management
    • 2018: Ruth Anne Robbins, law
    • 2017: Rajiv Gandhi, computer science
    • 2016: Lisa Zeidner, English
    • 2015: Mary Bravo, psychology
    • 2014: Briance Mascarenhas, management
    • 2013: Stuart Charme, religion
    • 2012: Alok Baveja, management
    • 2011: Luis Garcia, psychology
    • 2010: Samuel Rabinowitz, management
    • 2009: Julie Ruth, marketing
    • 2008: J. William Whitlow, psychology
    • 2006: Allen Woll, history
    • 2005: Jay Feinman, law
    • 2004: Robert Ryan, English
    • 2003: Gayle Porter, management
    • 2002: Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, marketing
    • 2001: E. Roger Cowley, physics
    • 2000: Mary Greipp, nursing
    • 1999: Richard Hyland, law
    • 1998: Marie Cornelia, English
    • 2022: Nawaf Bou-Rabee, mathematical sciences; Grace Brannigan, physics; Andrey Grigoriev, biology; Rufan Luo, psychology, Daniel Semenza, sociology
    • 2021: Lauren Daniel, psychology; David Dwertmann, management; M.A. Rafey Habib, English; Nathan Link, criminal justice; Hao Zhu, chemistry
    • 2020: Cati Coe, anthropology; Jinglin Fu, chemistry; Wenhua Lu, childhood studies; Jillian Sayre, English; Deeksha Singh, management
    • 2019: Meng Li, management; Beth Rabinowitz, political science; Richard Stansfield, criminal justice; Patricia Suplee, nursing; Lynne Vallone, childhood studies
    • 2022: David Salas de la Cruz, chemistry

University Honors

  • This award is considered Rutgers’ highest honor for innovation in the classroom

    • 2020: Prospero Garcia, Spanish
    • 2017: Sam Rabinowitz, management
    • 2016: Ivo Jansen, accounting
    • 2015: Briance Mascarenhas, management
    • 2014: Rajiv Gandhi, computer science; Julie Ruth, marketing
    • 2013: Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, marketing
    • 2012: Alok Baveja, management
    • 2011: Allan Espiritu, art
    • 2008: E. Roger Cowley, physics
    • 1988: J. William Whitlow, psychology
  • Established in 1993, this award has become one of the top honors that Rutgers bestows upon its faculty in recognition of outstanding scholarly achievement and exceptional service to the University.  The award commemorates the life and legacy of Dr. Daniel Gorenstein, a noted mathematician on the Rutgers–New Brunswick Campus.

    • 2011: Daniel Hart, psychology and childhood studies
  • This University-wide award celebrates faculty who forge effective connections between their research and teaching endeavors.

    • 2020: Robert Schindler, marketing; Andrew Shankman, history
    • 2017: Lauren Grodstein, English
    • 2015: Sungsoo Kim, accounting
    • 2013: M.A. Rafey Habib, English; Briance Mascarenhas, management
    • 2011: Charlotte Markey, psychology
    • 2013: Rakesh Sambharya, management; Executive Education, School of Business
    • 2020: Kate Cairns, childhood studies; Kelly Dittmar, political science
    • 2017: Richard Michelfelder, finance
    • 2016: Sarah Allred, psychology; Sean O’Malley, physics
    • 2015: Ivo Jansen, accounting; Lauren Silver, childhood studies
    • 2013: Ellen Ledoux, English
    • 2011: Lauren Grodstein, English; Jenny Kehl, political science
    • 2015: Kate Epstein, history
    • 2014: Nir Yakoby, biology; Mark Zaki, music
    • 2011: Lauren Grodstein, English
    • 2008: Imani Perry, law
    • 2008: G. Alan Tarr, political science
    • 2006: Howard Gillette, history
    • 1998: J. William Whitlow, psychology
    • 2012: Laurie Bernstein, history
    • 2020: The Spanish for Health Care Program, an innovative collaboration between the School of Nursing and the Department of World Languages and Cultures.
    • 2016: M.A. Rafey Habib, English; Sam Rabinowitz, management
    • 2014: Jonathan Muse, assistant dean, School of Business
    • 2013: Rory “Cal” Maradonna, Off-Campus Programs
    • 2012: Wendell Pritchett (chancellor)
    • 2008: Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts
  • This award was presented annually by the Rutgers University–Camden Alumni Association based on nominations from campus graduates. 

    • 2008: Samuel Rabinowitz, management; Joseph Schiavo, music
    • 2007: James Rushing, German
    • 2006: G. Alan Tarr, political science
    • 2005: William Lutz, English
    • 2004: Christine Cosentino-Dougherty, German
    • 2003: James Garnett, public policy
    • 2002: Carol Singley, English
    • 2001: Luis Garcia, psychology
    • 2000: William Hoffman, art
    • 1999: Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, marketing
    • 1998: Sidney Katz, chemistry
    • 1997: Robert Evans, biology
    • 1996: Murl Barker, Russian
    • 1995: Georgia Arbuckle-Keil, chemistry
    • 1994: Leonard Bidwell, mathematics
    • 1993: Charles Coleman, management
    • 1992: Jay Sigler, public policy
    • 1991: John Worrall, economics
    • 1990: E. Roger Cowley, physics
    • 1989: John Giannotti, art
    • 1988: Henry Stempen, biology
    • 1987: Betty Jones, English
    • 1986: Charles Willitts, chemistry
    • 1985: Marie Cornelia, English
    • 1984: Louis Forman, history
    • 1983: Wilbert Jerome, music
    • 1982: Hsin-Yi Lee, biology
    • 1981: William Bacha Jr., biology

Faculty Highlights

First-rate. Top-notch. World-class. Whichever adjective you choose, our faculty create new knowledge, every day, and change the way we look at our world. Meet some examples. 

Professor Earns $2M National Science Foundation Grant to Advance Artificial Intelligence in Biological Research

Rutgers University–Camden researchers in the diverging fields of biological information (DNA) and biological function (proteins) will soon connect through an innovative program that uses software engineering and artificial intelligence to promote collaboration among scientists. Codes4Life (C4L) is supported by a $2 million National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) grant awarded to Grace Brannigan, associate professor of physics and director of the Center for Computational and Integrative Biology (CCIB) at Rutgers–Camden.

The C4L research team comprises scientists trained in computational genomics, evolutionary genomics, computational biophysics, and computational chemistry, who will collaborate on projects focused on the interface between genetics and proteins. Read more about this exciting project!

Grace Brannigan $2M Grant
Grace Brannigan $2M Grant

Recent Faculty Books

As scholars conducting research at the cutting-edge of their disciplines, Rutgers University–Camden faculty provide access to their thought-provoking work through publication in books that are critical resources in classrooms, libraries, research, and discourse worldwide.

Dr. Susan Mokhberi (Associate Professor, History)
The Persian Mirror: Reflections of the Safavid Empire in Early Modern France (Oxford University Press)

Dr. Cati Coe (Professor, Anthropology)
The New American Servitude: Political Belonging among African Immigrant Home Care Workers (NYU Press)

Dr. Stephen Danley (Associate Professor, Public Policy)
A Neighborhood Politics of Last Resort: Post-Katrina New Orleans and the Right to the City (McGill-Queen’s University Press)

Dr. Cindy Dell Clark (Associate Professor, Anthropology)
All Together Now: American Holiday Symbolism Among Children and Adults (Rutgers University Press)

Jeffery Dorwart (Professor Emeritus, History)
Dorwart's History of the Office of Naval Intelligence 1865–1945 (U.S. Naval Institute)

Dr. Howard Marchitello (Professor, English)
Remediating Shakespeare in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Palgrave MacMillan)

Dr. Margaret Marsh (University Professor of History and Dean Emerita, Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
The Pursuit of Parenthood: Reproductive Technology from Test-Tube Babies to Uterus Transplants (Johns Hopkins University Press)

Chinyere Osuji (Assistant Professor, Sociology)
Boundaries of Love: Interracial Love and the Meaning of Race (NYU Press, 2019)

Dr. Shauna Shames (Associate Professor, Political Science)  
Survive and Resist: The Definitive Guide to Dystopian Politics (Columbia University Press)


Chancellor’s New Faculty Research Symposium

Rutgers University–Camden is at the forefront of cutting-edge research and exceptional creative activities.  Our faculty members are leaders within their disciplines, exploring issues of great significance in today’s world. Each year, the Chancellor’s New Faculty Research Symposium provides a venue to highlight the work of a number of newer faculty members.