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Health, Wellness & Safety

We are committed to the physical and emotional health and well-being of our students. Our team of health care professionals provide comprehensive care from examinations, tests, and vaccinations to counseling services for learning disabilities, addiction, and more. Additionally, the Rutgers University Police Department patrols our campus and the surrounding neighborhood around the clock, making for a strong safety record.

Health & Wellness Services

All enrolled students are eligible to receive services from our on-campus Student Wellness Center throughout the year. Eligibility to use the Student Wellness Center is not related in any way to whether or not you have health insurance.

Medical Services

We provide general primary care, women’s and men’s health care, immunizations, TB testing, flu vaccines, physical examinations, and more.

Psychological & Counseling Services

The purpose of these services is to help Rutgers students successfully handle the stresses and challenges in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

Alcohol/Drug/Nicotine Counseling & Assistance

Our alcohol/drug/nicotine counselors provide information and support for students who are concerned about their drinking, drug, or nicotine use/abuse; about a friend’s use/abuse; or about drug or alcohol misuse in their family.

Wellness Promotion Services

Our approach is to foster student empowerment, encouraging individuals and groups to grapple with the critical personal and social questions which affect their overall well-being.

Raptor Food Pantry

Raptor Pantry is a food pantry available to students at Rutgers–Camden who are food insecure.