Strategic Pillar #3

Holistic Student Experience: Serving the Needs of the 21st-Century Student

We are committed to ensuring our students have opportunities to fulfill their goals and aspirations. We aim to build a culture in which all students can grow and thrive during their time at Rutgers University–Camden (from pre-enrollment to post-graduation) as they navigate the university and prepare for futures beyond campus. We will achieve this by enhancing recruitment processes, improving services that support student retention, and increasing alumni engagement.

Students with cotton candy

Drive enrollment and recruitment

  • Develop a recruitment strategy for Camden City residents, international students, and county college partnerships.
  • Develop a recruitment strategy for “stop outs” and “some college no degree” students.
  • Identify international student profiles and work on initiatives for international student recruitment.
  • Work with county colleges on expanding partnerships and pipeline programs.
  • Focus on first-year student engagement in campus culture.

Improve student retention and engagement

  • Increase student retention through a best practices first-year seminar course(s) that also includes a peer ambassador program (sophomore/junior students).
  • Increase student participation in co-curricular experiences that engage them inside and outside the classroom.
  • Develop traditions that engage students and alumni.
  • Establish living/learning communities (residential and non-residential).
  • Develop multicultural center to increase sense of belonging.
  • Increase activities for residential students to expand campus engagement.

Expand student services with focus on student wellness

  • Increase capacity to provide mental health and wellness services for students with a focus on integrating culturally competent approaches.
  • Expand wellness services to include additional areas in which our students experience insecurity (food, housing, clothing, etc.).
  • Expand housing insecurity resources and day care, which will require additional capacity and financial resources.

Foster a sense of belonging

  • Develop training on student-centered communications to enhance the student experience.
  • Develop innovative strategies to communicate more efficiently with current students.

Boost alumni engagement

  • Expand the established alumni network to increase majors, networking, internships, and employment opportunities available to current students.
  • Partner with the admissions office to recruit alumni to participate in student recruitment events.