Strategic Pillar #4

Beloved Camden Community: Advancing the Common Good on Campus and Beyond

The staff and faculty of Rutgers University–Camden are key to fulfilling our mission. To nurture continued excellence and develop new talent, we must dedicate and ensure ongoing resources for professional development and the recruitment and retention of exceptionally talented and diverse faculty and staff. To support faculty excellence, we must develop policies that allow faculty to focus on research and provide infrastructure to enhance teaching. To support staff, we must develop opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

aerial shot of campus with Rutgers Housing in background

Enhance faculty and staff recruitment and opportunities for internal growth

  • Develop initiatives to support the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff.
  • Identify and address barriers to internal growth and employee satisfaction at Rutgers–Camden.
  • Strategically implement and maintain professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, building on initiatives available through the Chancellor’s 15-in-5 program.

Renew the campus-built environment

  • Create a 10-year master plan for facilities and grounds at Rutgers University–Camden with the goal of creating state-of-the-art, attractive spaces that support the recruitment and retention of students, faculty, and staff while also cementing our role as an anchor institution in Camden and southern New Jersey and a top national, public research institution.
  • Launch a “Faculty Café” as a collaborative space to encourage fellowship, foster innovation, and spur creativity. It will also be a space for faculty emeriti.

Support faculty research

  • Ensure comprehensive support for research and grant development, including assistance with proposal development, training in grantsmanship, and pre/post-award support for grant-funded research.
  • Enhance support to faculty developing major proposals for sponsored research.
  • Increase external research partnerships, expanding nationally and globally, including with businesses and governmental and non-governmental entities with which the university has existing relationships.

Develop infrastructure to support teaching and professional development for faculty and staff

  • Provide coordinated, systematic teaching-related professional development for faculty.
  • Establish an administrative infrastructure dedicated to teaching excellence and/or faculty development more broadly.
  • Enhance support for staff professional development.