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About Us

Mission Statement:

The Office of Student Involvement, guided by and in support of the mission of Rutgers University, enables students to develop independent thought, self-expression, and self-awareness, as well as define their personal leadership style by offering various workshops, lectures, and programs. The office promotes the growth of the individual student by providing opportunities outside of the classroom that connect and complement their academic aspirations with experiential learning through involvement in student organizations and co-curricular activities. The staff of the Office of Student Involvement serve as educators, mentors, advisors, counselors, friends, referral agents, and disciplinarians in hopes of enriching each student’s collegiate experience.

Vision Statement:

The Office of Student Involvement strives to create and foster a safe and healthy environment in which all students are encouraged to think critically, dialogue honestly, and act passionately within their community.  The office aspires to aid our students and student organizations in the development of programs and activities that will serve as catalysts for the positive exchange of diverse social, cultural and intellectual ideas. It is our hope that these experiences will add to and help shape each student’s life perspective, creating enlightened future leaders and engaged, global citizens.