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Peer Mentor Program

Honors College student Jalyssa Cruz designed and implemented the Peer Mentor program in the spring 2020 semester. Each year, about 20 students participate as peer mentors, and mentor nearly 100 first-year students who join the Honors College. Mentoring activities include one-on-one meetings, Peer Mentor events and activities, and a year-long study and discussion of mentoring theories and practice.

Interested in being a Peer Mentor? Reach out to Dr. Westman at leeann.westman@rutgers.edu.

The Undergraduate Review

The Undergraduate Review (PDF) is a journal of student works, submitted and reviewed by fellow undergraduate students. This journal is open to all undergraduate students at Rutgers University – Camden who wish to submit their art, photography, essays, or scientific findings for review.

Honors College Digital Badging Program

Honors College Digital Badging Program (Time Management)

The Honors College at Rutgers University – Camden is proud to offer a robust digital badging program to our students. Over the course of each academic year, students will have several opportunities to earn digital credentials for soft skills, which in turn, will help to empower our students to land some of the most sought-after internships and entry-level careers. These digital credentials can be added directly to a student’s LinkedIn profile, and students can also print out paper copies of our badges.

Our badging program requires students to attend a collaborative workshop, and for most badges, students are also asked to complete a reflective assignment, as well as an experiential task.