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Honors College Curriculum for Students Entering 2022 and After

The First-Year Forum 

The Honors College First-Year Forum is organized around the question, “What is a Just Community?” Students will grapple with this question via guest lectures, readings, discussions, and the planning and execution of a semester-long project. This course serves as a foundational part of our academic learning community and satisfies the Engaged Civic Learning general education requirement. This course is required for first-year students in the fall semester or spring semester of their first year at Rutgers-Camden.  

Two Composition Courses

Incoming Honors College Students will be placed into Honors sections of English I and English II, if required. These sections are not more demanding and are one of the first shared academic experiences for Honors College students.

Two Upper-Division Honors Seminars
(sophomores, juniors, and seniors)

Before applying for graduation, Honors College students must take two Upper Division Honors Seminars. These seminars are designed by Honors College Faculty Fellows, who apply to create and teach them. All seminars are approved for a variety of general education requirements. View upcoming seminar opportunities.

Our seminars are at the heart of the Honors College experience. These are small classes specially designed by outstanding faculty members and reserved for our students.
Recent seminars have included the following, among many others:

  • The Political Philosophy of Hip-Hop
  • Spirituality in Business
  • Ecology: The Urban Science
  • Art and Media in the Digital Age
  • Justice in America
  • Human, Non-Human
  • Migration, Deportation, and Justice

Seminar leaders have included some of the most distinguished faculty on campus: Former Chancellor Wendell Pritchett, University Professor and former Dean of Arts and Sciences Margaret Marsh, Board of Governors Professor Philip Scranton, and retired Rutgers University president Francis Lawrence among them.

Capstone Event: IMPACT Night

In the spring semester before graduation, all Honors College students will produce a poster or other media product which reflects their work at Rutgers University – Camden. These products should reflect one of the more impactful experiences either with The Honors College, other coursework, research experiences, learning abroad experiences, or something else. Family, friends, faculty, and administrators are welcome to this evening event each year.

Upcoming Seminars

View upcoming seminar opportunities.