Research Highlights


No Kidding

Professors Dan Cook and Nathan Fong explore how technology has increased children’s influence on parental spending especially when it comes to holiday shopping.

Sad person in front of Christmas Tree

Kristen August, associate professor in the Departments of Psychology and Health Sciences at Rutgers–Camden and Daniel Lee, director of the Rutgers–Camden Wellness Center, share strategies for managing mental health over the holiday season.

traffic displayed on large screen

The world's largest open-track traffic experiment is being conducted by the CIRCLES Consortium – comprised of Benedetto Piccoli, vice chancellor for research and the Joseph and Loretta Lopez Chair of Mathematics, along with several researchers nationwide – are testing 100 AI-equipped vehicles to mitigate human-caused traffic jams. 

Grandmother comforting crying grandchild

As the holidays approach and National Alzheimer's Awareness Month is observed, Rutgers–Camden psychologists, Sean Duffy and Lauren Daniel, share advice on how to help children support and form connections with relatives suffering from the disease. 

Hands holding airplane, cash, passport and credit cards

Rich Michelfelder, a clinical associate professor of economics and finance at the Rutgers School of Business–Camden, explains how the high costs of food, fuel, and presents are all forcing people to dig deep into their wallets this holiday season.