Oscar Holmes IV will sharpen his leadership skills as a 2023-24 American Council of Education (ACE) Fellow. Holmes, the associate dean of undergraduate programs and an associate professor in the School of Business, will learn directly from higher education leaders at the presidential and chancellor levels during his yearlong fellowship, acquiring firsthand knowledge and experience from his host institution. The ACE Fellows Program is widely recognized as the premier leadership development opportunity in higher education, and it will introduce Holmes to a vast network of accomplished colleagues throughout the United States.     

“I am delighted that Dr. Holmes has earned a prestigious ACE Fellowship,” said Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis. “This honor will allow him to expand his academic administration experience which will be valuable in his current role and beyond.”

Over 2,000 vice presidents, deans, department chairs, faculty, and other emerging leaders have participated in the ACE Fellows Program over its 55-year history. Participants observe and contribute to key meetings and events, take on special projects and assignments, and receive mentorship from a team of experienced campus or system leaders. They also interact with other members of their fellowship class, comparing perspectives and enriching their knowledge base.

Holmes expressed his gratitude for the support he has received from his Rutgers–Camden students and colleagues.

“I thank the Rutgers–Camden leaders who nominated me, encouraged me to apply, and submitted recommendations on my behalf,” Holmes said. “I am also grateful for my School of Business colleagues and students—particularly my undergraduate team members, who collaborate with me each day to fulfill the School of Business’s mission and make this challenging work so rewarding.”