Student success, alumni achievements, and record-setting research awards headline wide-ranging update

Rutgers University–Camden Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis spoke to a broad spectrum of faculty, staff, students, and community members earlier this week, delving into details behind the financial, academic, and cultural health of the institution.

Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis
Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis

“I am looking forward to welcoming a new class of accepted and enrolled students this spring,” Chancellor Tillis said. He noted that efforts to enhance recruitment strategies, particularly through participation in the Common Application, have yielded significant gains in undergraduate applications, reflecting the broadening accessibility of Rutgers–Camden to a variety of prospective students.

Financial health was another key focus, with Chancellor Tillis highlighting both revenue stability and the imperative to mitigate growing expenses. As state appropriations decline, the university is compelled to diversify revenue streams while maintaining a vigilant approach to expenditure. The presentation underscored the critical role of enrollment in sustaining financial viability.

Amidst financial considerations, Chancellor Tillis turned attention to the Rutgers–Camden 2023-2028 Strategic Plan, emphasizing its foundational pillars and practical applications. From fostering academic innovation, nurturing a beloved campus community, and embracing internationalism, the Strategic Plan serves as a guiding framework for the institution's evolution.

“The Strategic Plan has been anything but symbolic,” Chancellor Tillis said. “The strategic pillars that frame the plan benefit all aspects of academics and campus life, and they will continue to do so over the next five years.For example, The Memphis Pipeline Project continues to flourish and expand as new undergraduates prepare to make their way to Rutgers–Camden from my hometown. We have also begun Phase I of our ten-year master plan for the maintenance and improvement of our facilities and grounds”.

Integral to Rutgers–Camden's advancement are its research endeavors, as evidenced by a record-high total of sponsored awards—$22.6 million for the current fiscal year. Noteworthy achievements in various fields, from biology to English, underscore the university's commitment to scholarly excellence and societal impact.

Equally vital is institutional advancement, with Chancellor Tillis celebrating significant fundraising achievements and alumni engagement initiatives with the university’s 59,000 living graduates. The forthcoming centennial celebration in 2026 promises to be a historic milestone, honoring a century of academic excellence and community impact.

Throughout the address, Chancellor Tillis paid tribute to the accomplishments of faculty, staff, and students, recognizing their collective contributions to Rutgers–Camden's success. He closed with an expression of gratitude for all who have contributed to Rutgers–Camden's journey, urging continued perseverance and collaboration.

“I invite you to go forth and greet the end of this academic year with your customary curiosity, grace, and courage,” Chancellor Tillis said. “Whether you are faculty, staff, students, alumni, your contributions are vast, and your talents are many. Thank you for your Scarlet Raptor pride!”