Below you will find archival footage such as videos and photos from our LGBTQIA+ programs and intiatives. Please check back reguarly, as this page will be updated frequently.

Embracing Our World

Through the voices of our students, explore the many ways in which diversity, inclusion, and equity are woven into the fabric of Rutgers University–Camden.

What are Pronouns?

We discuss what pronouns are, who uses different pronouns and why they are important!

Pride Month: 11 or More Program

Cameron Whitley, program coordinator at the Rutgers–Camden Office of Social Justice and Belonging, talks about the 11 or More Project that connects LGBTQIA+ students with a network of supportive faculty and staff.

Pride Month: Equality in Business

Oscar Holmes IV, assistant professor of management, discusses the business impact of laws that prevent workplace discrimination.


Rutgers-Camden students have access to an anonymous, free, online self-screening tool for mood, anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol issues, and more.

The Office of Social Justice & Belonging

215 Cooper Street, Room 116
326 Penn Street, Camden, NJ 08102
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