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Chosen Name Process

Chosen Name Process

Rutgers University-Camden is an inclusive and welcoming campus community.  We strive to ensure all students, faculty and staff  feel supported.  Therefore, we respect the rights of every individual and are open to the ways we can grow our cultural intelligence, humility and sense of belonging together. Please review our preferred/chosen name initiative and statement.

Rutgers University’s Inclusive Recognition 

Rutgers University recognizes that members of the university community use names other than their legal names with which to identify themselves. The university seeks to promote the comfort, safety and inclusion of all students and members of the community who wish to be identified by a name other than their legal name by instituting a preferred/chosen name procedure.

What is a Chosen Name?

A chosen name is a name a student wishes to be known by in the University community that is different from a student’s legal name.The student’s chosenname will be used in all university communications except where the use of the legal name is required by university business or legal need.The student’s chosen name will be displayed in electronic course management systems, class rosters, housing rosters, and student ID cards.

How Do I Change My Name?

Rutgers University is happy to accommodate the use of a student, staff or faculty member’s preferred/chosen name throughout certain University systems and on certain documents as permitted by law.  It is important to note that there are some University systems, such as financial and travel systems, that cannot accommodate the use of chosen name. You can submit to change your Chosen Name via the Official University ScarletHub. You can also edit your Chosen name on multiple platforms used campus wide by following the steps below!


You can successfully compete this process, on a web browser, by following these steps:

  1. Log into Canvas
  2. Click Account icon in the upper left corner
  3. Select ‘Profile’
  4. Click the ‘Edit Profile’ button, this allows you to change your name and add pronouns as well
  5. Make sure to click the ‘Save Profile’ at the bottom of the section



Follow these steps to successfully complete this process.



Follow these steps to successfully complete this process.

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