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Office of Social Justice & Belonging


The mission of the Office of Social Justice and Belonging is to promote academic and personal growth, raise awareness, and support strategies to advance inclusivity directives that build and maintain an inclusive campus community.


The Office of Social Justice and Belonging endeavors to make Rutgers-Camden, a leading research institution, a pillar for supporting equity, diversity and inclusion in all activities, with a particular focus on educating students who will use this knowledge and experience to contribute to a more inclusive society.


To Listen

  • Build and support safe and sacred listening spaces for students that honor, lend voice to, and promote the inclusivity of all cultures, narratives, identities and social contexts to encourage respect and mutual accountability on the Rutgers-Camden campus.
  • Be attentive to scholarship, research, and assessment that increases, supports and advocates for diverse students.

To Support

  • Create and back collaborative initiatives within pertinent segments of Rutgers-Camden intersections to foster respect, civility, and a welcoming campus environment.
  • Encourage students to identify resources and communities that validate their identities, experiences and concerns.

To Advocate

  • Promote critical thinking, reflective listening, effective reasoning, through enlisting university partners to share in creating trainings, symposiums, and sustained dialogue.
  • Advocate campus-wide inclusivity, by promoting initiatives that increase the awareness of the complex identity issues inherent in the lives of Rutgers-Camden students.


Rutgers-Camden students have access to an anonymous, free, online self-screening tool for mood, anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol issues, and more.

The Office of Social Justice & Belonging

215 Cooper Street, Room 116
326 Penn Street, Camden, NJ 08102
856-225-6309  |  856-225-6146