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How to Join

Step 1: Let Us Know You're Interested!

Each fraternity and sorority manages their own recruitment processes, including unqiue events and programs designed to invite students to learn more about the organization's values, philanthropic works and campus experience. To connect with a chapter, or learn more about upcoming recruitment events, fill out our interest form.

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The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs is home to 13 incredible fraternal organizations! 

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Step 2: Meet Our Chapters

Our organizations want to ensure students who join are active in their community, academically-driven and living their values. We encourage students to attend the events, fundraisers and programs hosted by fraternities and sororities to begin building connections outside of recruitment events. Joining a fraternity or sorority can be as simple as making friends!

What is recruitment?

Recruitment, rush, informational, expresso... Our organizations refer to the joining process by many names, but ultimately these events are the pre-planned, structured processes as the entry-point to membership consideration. Interested students should attend these events to receive more detailed information about the membership experience and to display a direct interest in joining a particular organization. Recruitment events are required by some chapters for membership eligibility!

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Step 3: Do Your Research

You are committing to a lifetime of membership, a decision not to take lightly! We recommend familiarizing yourself with the following organziational information as you consider membership in a particular organization:

  1. What are the organization's values?
  2. What is the cost of membership annually?
  3. What philanthropic causes does the organization support?
  4. How does the organization build brotherhood/sisterhood?

Check out upcoming chapter activities on Engage

Eligibility Requirements

Each fraternity and sorority chapter at Rutgers University-Camden is distinctive from the others with their own strengths, personalities and values. The process of joining a fraternity or sorority is one based mutual selection. Fraternities and sororities use different means to acquaint themselves with interested students and to allow prospective members to learn about their organization.

While individual chapters may have additional requirements for potential members, below are the basic requirements for all organizations:

  1. Completion of twelve (12) Rutgers University - Camden credits, or 24 transfer credits from another college/university
  2. 2.5 cumulative GPA
  3. Full-time enrollment status (12+ credits)
  4. No previous initiation into another fraternity or sorority

Attend Fraternity & Sorority Events

A great first step to joining Greek Life is attending one of the many educational, philanthropic and social events hosted by chapter. Our Greek organizations host programs consistently throughout the year which can be found on ENGAGE. Spending time with current members of the chapter, asking questions about the organization is a helpful way to build relationships with members and get acqainted with chapter life. Joining a fraternity or sorority is a lifetime commitment, be sure you're informed and ready for a lifetime of membership!

In addition to Engage, chapters share upcoming events, chapter news and member profiles consistently on their Instagram accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most common questions regarding the benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority and the opportunities for those involved.

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