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Chapter Viability

Chapter Viability

Minimum Viability Standards Overview

Rutgers University- Camden values a strong Greek community as a constructive element of student life. The University also recognizes that the community must have sufficient numbers so as to provide membership opportunities for every student who has the desire and means to join.

Recognition by Rutgers University-Camden is a privilege. Registered chapters must be able to show substantial evidence of the organization’s ability to contribute to the Greek community. Chapters are expected to meet expectations with respect to academic success, community service, campus involvement, and support of community-wide and council programs.

Rutgers University-Camden has established a minimum membership number as a way to insure healthy group and community dynamics. These standards exist for registered student organizations. To insure that registered fraternities and sororities possess the ability to meet performance expectations and for the continued health of the Greek community, this membership standard and procedures have been established.

Chapters assume good standing with Rutgers University-Camden when meeting the following viability standards:

  1. Have at least (3) active, initiated members, in good standing with OFSA and the national office of the organization. 
  2. Have and maintain a cumulative chapter GPA of 2.5 or greater each semester.
  3. Compliance with all University and OFSA rules, regulations, and policies as they apply to registered fraternities and sororities.

Viability Assessment

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs will assess membership and academic chapter statistics at the beginning and end of each semester following grade and roster submissions. 

  1. Rosters will be submitted to the Office twice each semester.
    • August & December
    • January & April
  2. All new members must be registered with OFSA by the designated date each semester.
  3. Grade reports will be pulled at the start and end of each academic session based on existing chapter roster lists and registrar deadlines.


  1. Each semester, Viability Policy reminder letters will be sent to all chapters that list three (3) or fewer students on their membership roster. 
  2. Chapters that fall below three (3) full-time, active, undergraduate members (initiates/new members) will be placed on a one (1) year probationary status to focus on growing their chapter.
  3. Chapters, on probation, who fail to grow to three (3) members within one academic year will lose university recognition for a minimum of two (2) years.


Chapters notified that university recognition has been withdrawn may submit a written appeal to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs. Appeals will be reviewed by the Office.