Craig Westman began his career in higher education at Florida State University, where he served as the registrar for the Center for Professional Development. He then worked for nine years in a variety of positions at Ferris State University, starting as the registrar and finishing his tenure as the assistant vice president for student affairs and dean of enrollment management.  He next served as the associate vice president for academic affairs and enrollment management solutions at the University of Texas at El Paso prior to joining Rutgers University–Camden in 2015. 

Westman earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in British literature at Florida Atlantic University and his doctorate in American literature at Florida State University.

Westman is a frequent speaker at conferences in the United States and abroad.  His areas of enrollment research have centered on the topics of strategic enrollment management, the gamer and millennial generations, customer relationship management strategies, communication management systems and strategies, online communications, and the role of user-generated content.  Westman has authored and edited numerous books and articles relating to these areas of enrollment management. He has been a consultant to numerous colleges and universities on issues relating to strategic enrollment management.