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Chancellor's Experiential Learning Fund

Continuing our tradition of offering students groundbreaking financial aid packages, Rutgers–Camden’s new Chancellor's Experiential Learning Fund gives you access to a world of one-of-a-kind opportunities to expand your education and yourself. 

$3,000 For Experiential Learning

Beginning in Fall 2022, all first-time, matriculated Rutgers-Camden undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher may request a one-time use of up to $3,000 through the Chancellor’s Experiential Learning Fund to support their participation in an experiential learning activity related to travel, professional development, or research.

one male college student working on a container while a female college student documents on her tablet screen on the edge of a river
Chancellor's Experiential Learning Fund Video of Emanuel Rodriguez

Chancellor's Experiential Learning Fund

The Chancellor's Experiential Learning Fund can be used to support: 

  • Fees for a learning abroad or study away course. 
  • Costs related to participating in an academic, professional, or experiential student development conference. 
  • A $3,000 stipend to compensate students enrolled in an unpaid, credit-bearing internship or research experience. 
  • Credit costs and fees associated with participation in a summer internship or research experience. 
  • Materials and supplies for independent research or creative activities conducted through an independent study, capstone, honors thesis, or similar course. 

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These are the kinds of experiences that can’t be recreated in the classroom. They deepen your understanding of the world and how you interact with it. At Rutgers–Camden we believe this is the best way to prepare students for life after college.

Ready for the experience of a lifetime?