A Campus That Knows You

Rutgers–Camden combines the benefits of a major research university with the advantages of a tight-knit campus. As the smallest of the Rutgers locations, you get to know everyone – and they get to know you. That means stronger relationships with your classmates and your professors.

A Degree Known Around the World

You’ll earn the same Rutgers degree no matter which Rutgers location you attend. At Rutgers–Camden you’ll get a world-class education, and with 86 percent of Rutgers–Camden students receiving some form of financial aid, our alumni are free to make career and life decisions without the burden of hefty student loan payments.

Passion for Civic Engagement

Working with community partners, we support efforts to meet the challenges facing our city, county, and region through engaged civic learning, service, community-based research, and innovative programs and initiatives. These opportunities deepen students’ understanding of societal issues while challenging them to develop a framework for responsible citizenship.

Tools To Lead and Succeed

Our new Experiential Scholarship Program provides funding for educational travel, internships, and research pursuits. Whether you’re interested in attending a conference or delivering health screenings to communities in need, we’re dedicated to helping our students build leadership and professional skills that will translate to real-world opportunities upon graduation.

Vibrant Campus Life

Our prime location in a major metropolitan area, with equal access to everything both Camden and Philadelphia have to offer, gives students unlimited educational and career opportunities as well as world-class shopping, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

Success Stories

“Being a full-time working mom and coach and advisor and all the things that I am besides a graduate student was difficult. But no one was unwilling to help me…every professor was willing to meet with me… no professor is going to let you flounder, if you’re doing your part, they’ll do theirs…”