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The Rutgers University–Camden visual brand helps shape how people think and feel about the University. By creating consistency in all communications, we enhance our visibility and credibility. We ask that all faculty, staff, and students who create items associated with the University familiarize themselves with and follow the standards set forth below.

We understand that marketing and design are not your primary responsibility or area of expertise. That’s OK! Our office is here to support you and help you with your needs. We have multiple templates that you can utilize to ensure your items fall within the brand standards, and for larger projects we ask that you reach out to our team directly by completing our project request form.

Outside Vendors

The following standards are a broad overview. If you are working with an outside vendor on any marketing or design project we can supply them with more in-depth guidelines and resources.


The style of our photography is built around authenticity in everyday situations. We avoid the use of photos that feel overly staged, fake, or stereotypical.

Here are the 3 elements that should be captured in every photo:

  1. Candid – Captures specific subjects at a particular moment in time performing a specific action without looking overly posed.
  2. Engaging – There is some action taking place. Subjects should be shot from the front or side to support the theme of Forever Forward.
  3. Authentic – Capture real-life situations whenever possible.
Sample Photography
Sample Photography

Design Elements

Our brand uses arrows in some designs to underscore the ideas of movement, growth, and resilience, while speaking to our brand theme of Forever Forward in a visual way. The use of arrows is reserved for pieces designed by the Office of Campus Marketing to ensure proper use and to conserve the visual integrity of the brand. Please see the Layout section for examples.


Building off the existing institutional brand colors, we developed a color palette that is unique to Rutgers University–Camden. This palette is used for most prominent elements, such as backgrounds and illustrations. To maximize legibility and visual impact, white should be used for headlines and large text elements.

Camden Blue

One of the most exciting elements of the visual brand is the addition of Camden Blue. Camden Blue adds a bright and energetic tone to our visual style, while creating more distinction for our campus within the overall Rutgers system. It’s important to note that Camden Blue should be used as an accent, rather than a primary color. The goal is to enhance the individuality of Rutgers–Camden, not erase Rutgers Red. Red or Gray should be used as the primary colors on most occasions.

Rutgers Red

Rutgers Red
CMYK: 0, 100, 81, 4
RGB: 204, 0 51
HEX: cc0033
PMS: 186 C / 2035 U

Camden Blue

Camden Blue
CMYK: 56, 0 , 12, 0
RGB: 96, 201, 221
HEX: 60c9dd
PMS: 297 C / 297 U


CMYK: 76, 68, 56, 58
RGB: 43, 46, 54
HEX: 2b2e36
PMS: 426 C / 7547 U


Similar to the color palette, we developed a typography palette that is unique to Rutgers–Camden. The flexibility and pairing of these typefaces creates a very dynamic look and feel that allows us to convey light-hearted, prestigious, or serious tone all within the same family.

Sharp Grotesk and Sentinnal

The Office of Campus Marketing utilizes Sharp Grotesk and Sentinel for all communications. While these are the official typefaces of Rutgers–Camden, they are premium typefaces that required a purchased license for use. Please contact us for more information on the use of these typefaces.


Because we recognize that it is not practical for most faculty and staff to purchase our primary fonts, we’ve developed typeface substitutions that convey a similar tone and feel. Below, you’ll find options for Google Fonts and Microsoft Office fonts that can be used in place of Sharp Grotesk and Sentinel.

Google fonts

ArchivoBlack and OswaldLight
Oswald Light and Archivo Black

We have paired the contrasting typefaces of Oswald Light and Archivo Black to create a sense of energy within headlines and large messaging. Please refer to our Type Pairings section to understand how to best use these typefaces together.

download oswald light download archivo black

Domine Font
Domine Regular

Domine offers a clean, textbook legibility that will complement the display uses of Oswald Light and Archivo Black. Domine is used for all secondary and long-form text. Domine can also be used sparingly in more formal settings.

download domine regular

Google Fonts

All Google Fonts are open-source and available for free. You may need to have IT help you download them to your computer.

microsoft office fonts

The above Google Fonts should be used when possible, but we realize that there may be instances when that’s not possible. In the event that Google Fonts are not available for your use, please use the following alternatives that should be pre-installed on any computer that utilizes Microsoft Office.

alternative for oswald light

Tw Cen MT Condensed

alternative for archivo black

Arial Black

Century School Book
alternative for domine

Century Schoolbook

type pairings

The typographic styles utilized throughout this brand rely on extreme contrasts. The letter-spacing is specified but the point sizes should be dictated by layout and context and adjusted as needed. Please refer to the following example for how to best utilize Oswald Light and Archivo Black for headlines and large messaging. Remember, when in doubt, it’s always better to keep things simple.

Type Pairings


The following layout examples demonstrate what the visual brand looks like when designed by the Office of Campus Marketing. These layout examples utilize typographic contrast and design elements that interact with photography to create an energetic and compelling composition.


To help you easily integrate our new brand design style into your work, we’ve created a suite of templates to help kickstart commonly-needed projects and materials. These templates will help you create a piece that meets your specific needs while maintaining the visual standards for our brand. If you’re working on a larger project that goes beyond the scope of these templates, please contact us.
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