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Ready to get started with the Rutgers–Camden brand? Our templates help you to promote your event or give a presentation and ensure a consistent look across all our materials. Remember, the visual brand helps shape how people think and feel about the University and consistency enhances our visibility and credibility.


Our PowerPoint template is extremely flexible and easy to use. It can be adapted for events, keynotes, and other presentations. The template utilizes our Microsoft Office Fonts to ensure consistency across the largest number of computers.

Campus Operating Status:
The university remains open. The university, all clinics, libraries, and research operations remain open. All in-person or hybrid events scheduled through January 31, 2022, should be moved to entirely virtual platforms. Supervisors are asked to allow and encourage all employees who can telecommute to please do so until January 31, 2022. Where possible, in-person classes will temporarily convert to remote classes through Sunday, January 30, 2022. Information on Student Required Booster Vaccination.