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Rutgers University–Camden is designed for students who are looking for a prestigious education without signing up for a lifetime of debt. If this sounds like you, click the button below to receive more information about our culture of collaboration, hands-on learning environment, buzzing campus life, and more.

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Combine a relentless work ethic with the world’s most illustrious minds, put them in the center of a community that's focused not just on personal gain but on making the world a better place, and you’ve created a model for what higher education should be for this generation and the next. That’s where the world is headed; Rutgers University–Camden is leading the way.

Culture of Collaboration

Our small student-to-faculty ratio allows for more robust classroom conversation, personalized instruction, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Hands-on Learning

Through our Experiential Learning Scholarship and partnerships with local agencies and nonprofits, we empower our students to pursue hands-on, authentic learning experiences such as internships, service learning, research, international study, and more.

Campus Life

Our campus is located on the lively Camden Waterfront, just minutes away from the BB&T Pavilion and a short, scenic walk across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge to Philadelphia. Students enjoy exploring the city’s historic sites, quaint shopping districts, and vibrant nightlife while making important industry connections.

Success Stories

“To a 17-year-old it can feel very tough, but thanks to Rutgers a lot of that stress was taken away. Once I saw how much aid I could get, it made my decision so much easier.”

“Rutgers–Camden is home to people of all cultures, backgrounds, and belief systems. I want my circle to be open to different perspectives and I’m glad my school feels the same way.”

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